Davis Math Squared Learning Center



Davis Math Squared Learning Center is a comfortable learning environment where children enjoy the power of math.


 In Math Squared, learning math is fun, our focus, and a long-term commitment.


Traditional math programs tend to be boring for many children.  Children have shorter attention span and lost interests quickly without fun challenges and motivation.


With Math Squared, it does not have to be boring. 



Our program contains puzzles and problem solving  challenges at each level to keep the children interested.  Our students practice arithmetics without realizing it.  



 Additional activities include English, Chinese Mandarin, Drawing, and Homework Help.  As an optional service to  busy parents, transportation can be arranged based on resource availability.




  • "My son is very proud of what he has accomplished at Math Squared and enjoys doing the math problems that other kids in his first grade classroom cannot do. Most of all, he is ve..."
    Yucui C
  • "Sarah has shown increasing interest in mathematics since she started studying in the Davis Math Squared Learning Center. Creative thinking and persistent problem-solving skills..."
    Biao W